American Flag Preserved


Boho and Farm house Style Wreath, Wood Bead Wreath, Dried fan Palm Leaf, Entryway & Wall Decor, All Year-Round Wreath.


Materials: preserved rose, real rose, acrylic, acrylic diamond, veterans rose, military rose, eternity rose, independence rose, forever rose, flag rose, American flag rose, handmade rose,

Width:  9 centimetres

Height:9 centimetres


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USA Flag Motif Preserved Roses are Designed and Inspired for U.S. Armed Forces and First Responders.
This would be a great commemorative gift for all occasions (retirement, service recognition, promotion, school graduation) to include Veterans Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day to celebrate a special moment.

** Please note that each flower arrangement is handmade of real, natural roses. The stars of flag are 100% hand-painted. It comes in acrylic case and clear diamonds.
** As a complimentary service you can customize the case with personalized name. and included acrylic Diamonds.
**It may slightly vary in rose color or appearance and cannot be completely identical to the images on the website.

Preserve the Innovation:
• Preserved Roses also known as Eternity Roses and Forever Roses are in natural ingredients to last for three years & more.
• Keep the roses out of direct sunlight
• Do not water the roses
• They are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-explosive and non-chemical reactive


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