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Materials: artificial pampas grass, vine wreath, cedar, pampas grass, staghorn, globe thistle

Width: 27 inches

Height: 27 inches

Depth: 8 inches

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This beautiful natural looking Pampas Grass wreath will certainly add a touch of chic and warm feeling decor to your home. Pampas Grass is highlighted with gentle touches of cypress, staghorn and faux globe thistles. Hang up through the winter months for a pleasing natural look. What a great Christmas, new year and new home Gift this would make!

Hand Craft
MATERIALS: angel vine wreath base and Artificial Pampas
SIZE: measured approximately 26″- 27″ in diameter. Measurements are taken from tip to tip. Attached to 15” vine wreath base.
It has pretty volume with 8′ depth
WEIGHT: 2.3 lbs.
Color: Cream, Ivory and little touch of blush pink.
purpose of use: gifts, home decor, commercial display, photo shoot


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